Field & Flowers Skin Cream

A lovely, thick, cushiony cream with excellent moisturizing and conditioning power, particularly for dry, flaky skin. Day or night, anywhere on your face or body, you will love your skin's smooth softness after just a few uses.

Field & Flowers Skin Cream

  • This is a lovely thick and cushiony cream that has a fantastic skin feel and is excellent at moisturizing and conditioning skin. It spreads on like velvet and is quickly absorbed. Your skin will feel smooth, soft and conditioned.


    The deep golden yellow and sweet, fruity scent is from the Sea Buckthorn Pulp Oil, as there is no added color or scent.


    Field & Flowers Skin Cream is suitable for most skin types. Not just for the face, use it anywhere you need extra hydration and conditioning. It really is a head to toe cream.


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