Clarify & Correct Finishing Elixir

A hydrating and moisturizing toner with natural plant extracts to refresh and enrich the skin's surface, remove residual makeup and oiliness after cleansing and offer excellent hydration for all skin types. Particularly useful for oily and acne prone skin. Features plant derived alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

Clarify & Correct Finishing Elixir

SKU: 0004
  • Clarify & Correct Finishing Elixir is a beneficial additional step in your routine to remove any residual makeup or oiliness as you finish preparing your skin for the day. It can be quite useful for oily and acneic skin types and for combination skin where an oily appearing complexion is a problem.


    Not recommended for sensitive skin without a patch test.


    Our Finishing Elixir arrives in a bottle with a fine mist sprayer for ease of use spritizing just the right amount on a cotton round. It is not intended to be sprayed directly onto the face.


    *The essential oil blend is used at a skin safe level of 0.5% or less. As will all essential oils in skincare, use care if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications, and check with your health care provider if you are unsure. Not intended for use on children or pets.


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