Masking Clay & Honey Set

Rhassoul Masking Clay, one of the most versatile clays for skin and hair, paired with masking honey, a beautiful floral design melamine masking cup, and white masking brush. The perfect gift for yourself or a friend!

Masking Clay & Honey Set

  • 100% pure, mineral-rich Rhassoul Clay and pure honey for face and hair masking.

    As a face mask and pre-cleanser, Rhassoul Clay will provide gentle, effective physical exfoliation for a smooth, glowing complexion. Use as a hair mask to exfoliate the scalp, give a glossy sheen to hair, and boost volume.

    Combining honey with Rhassoul Clay (plus your liquid of choice), both for face and hair masking, will moisturize and improve hydration

    Suitable for all skin and hair types. Best if used weekly.


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