Custom Serum

It's super easy to creat your own facial serum! Follow these steps:

  1. Choose Base Oil #1 - This will be the main oil of your serum. Choose the one your skin most loves.
  2. Choose Base Oil #2 - Add a second oil
  3. Choose Base Oil #3 - A third oil is optional, but the field requires a choice. If you only want 2 oils, pick the same choice as #1 or #2.
  4. Write in your Specialty Oil. If you don't want a specialty oil, please choose "NONE".


Use the Write In field for any other special intructions. It's that easy!

Custom Serum

SKU: MS0001
Base Oil #1
Base Oil #2
Base Oil #3
  • With the help of an experienced Esthetician, we've selected 4 basic carrier oils suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin.

    1. Safflower Oil
    2. Rice Bran Oil
    3. Jojoba Oil
    4. Sweet Almond Oil


    Choose up to 3 for your Custom Serum


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