Plant Extracted Moisturizing Toner

Plant Extracted Moisturizing Toner is a hydrating and moisturizing toner formulated with natural plant extracts and active botanicals to refresh and enrich the skin's surface. Suitable for most skin types as a lovely and useful part of any skin care routine.

Plant Extracted Moisturizing Toner

SKU: 0010
  • Plant Extracted Moisturizing Toner offers skin hydration and moisturization with lovely, complimentary botanical hydrosols, while a suite of active natural plant extracts provide gently soothing astringency.


    Excellent for all skin types as a nice additional step in your routine as you prepare your skin for the day. Performs very nicely as a makeup setting spray as well as a refreshing facial mist for periodic use throughout the day.


    Arrives in a recyclable glass bottle with a spray top for ease of use spritzed directly on face or applied to a cotton round.


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