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Skin Care Knowledge Base

What is Skin Care?

Skin care includes all the practices and techniques that are supposed to provide support, improve appearance and enhance the feel of our skin. Emollients, creams, toners, cleansers, exfoliants, lotion, bath products, etc. In a perfect world, it also includes diet, limiting sun exposure and avoiding or mitigating those things that can negatively impact the integrity of the skin.
Unfussed abides by how the Federal Drug & Cosmetics Act defines cosmetics - by their intended use, as "articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body... for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance". That means we make cosmetics and do not provide treatments, cures, drugs or medicated products.

What can I do without?

You might think this is where I tell you about toxins and harmful chemicals and the evils of preservatives, but that's not going to happen. Instead, I am going to acknowledge that you have a choice and a voice and urge you to exercise both from a place of education.

I will share with you what I look for in my own skin care routine.

I don't want complicated steps or confusing instructions. I take a pass on products containing ingredients at minute amounts for "label appeal" and run fast from miraculous claims. If I can't understand how to use it and follow through, or find the supporting science, then I move on.

Here are two fantastic links to resources that don't sell skin care and won't use fear to sway you when discussing skin care ingredients.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review
Personal Care Truth

What do I need for my skin?

Normal, healthy skin is a complexion that is neither too oily or too dry, has few or no lines and wrinkles, and few or no enlarged pores. Basically happy skin! A sunscreen and daily antioxidant moisturizer should be your mainstay products, with a periodic exfoliant if it suits your routine. Anything beyond these basics is just icing on the cake.

For dry, aging, troubled skin, the answer is a healthy skin barrier. Preventing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) with a quality moisturizer that includes humectants, emollients and soothing agents should be the foundation of your skin care routine. Finding a gentle cleanser that won't strip the skin of necessary oils is also important.

For those of you that need a little more help, like oily or acneic skin, there are many excellent product additions that can play an important part in creating happy, healthy skin. You've heard of some of them - niacinamide, ceramides, peptides, hydroxy acids. Look for cleansers, toners and moisturizers containing these ingredients.
The biggest challenge is sifting through the hype and latest fad to find those ingredients, actives and extracts that have research and studies behind them with actual clinical results.

How do I find products that work?

There are no miracle products, just as there is no single product that can do it all. Finding a skin care line, or even just one fantastic product, that feels great, smells good, works as intended, and doesn't hurt the pocket book is not an easy task. There will definitely be some trial and error involved. The good news is that Unfussed is here to help you find what you are looking for. The foundation of great a skincare product starts with the ingredients. These should addressthe skin's basic need for hydration, maintain barrier function, provide moisturization and emolliency, and deliver beneficial antioxidants. The goal is to improve the feel and appearance of your skin in a way that makes you happy.

We can offer you some fantastic choices. Creating exceptional and functional skincare is both science and art. Taking quality raw cosmetic ingredients and turning them into singular, effective products is our focus. We choose the best ingredients and make certain that every component plays an important role in the finished product. With Unfussed, we believe you can devise an effective personalized routine that includes beautifully basic skincare products, manageable steps and skin you will fall in love with.

How do I create a routine?

A great basic skin care routine should consist of the following:

  • Cleanser (any type)
  • Exfoliant (chemical or physical)
  • Toner/Facial Misst (with or without actives)
  • Moisturizer (water-based emulsions)
  • Emollient (oil-based serums)
  • Sunscreen*
Everything beyond this will be to address specific skin concerns and will include actives, oily skin products, lighteners, brighteners, and targeted aging skin care products. Unfussed has your beautiful basics covered and we are happy to direct you to other companies and products for these specific issues outside our expertise.

A great routine will take into account your lifestyle, including how much time you have to spend on self-care, and importantly, what you already know about your own skin. ​*No sunscreen available at this time

What about sunscreen?

Formulating and bringing a quality, effective sunscreen to the market is a considerable monetary investment and a huge undertaking that takes years of trials and testing. In the United States, sunscreens are classified as Over The Counter (OTC) drugs and are regulated by the FDA. A company can't just add zinc oxide to a lotion and call it a sun product.

Until Unfussed can find or formulate an approved, moisturizing sunscreen, we will not be able to offer one for sale. We urge you to find one you love, and if it is also a moisturizer, even better.

Regular use of an SPF 25+ Sunscreen year round can make a huge, visible difference in your skin tone, texture and appearance. If your biggest concern is preventing or diminishing signs of aging, then this is a must.

Positions & Practices

Are your products organic?

Many of our product ingredients are purchased from our suppliers as certified organic by an authorized certification program. However, we are not a certified organic company, nor do we strictly follow any of the many organic standards. We do choose our suppliers based on their ability to provide a high quality organic option. Our company, and thereby, our products, are not certified organic, nor do we market them as such.

Do you use synthetic ingredients?

We believe that mother nature and cosmetic science can effectively co-exist in our products. We've found that it's about creating a balance and looking for what is necessary and valuable to the skin that science shows is effective in a formulation. So let's look at some concepts as Unfussed understands and defines them. Natural: found in nature or raw or minimally processed or, all or mostly plant derived Plant derived, naturally derived or plant based: The components originally came from nature but have been altered in some way, usually due to physical or chemical processing, to finally become a raw material ingredient sold for personal care product formulating. In some cases, the ingredient can wind up as far removed from its natural state to be unrecognizable, and in others, it can be very close to the original. Synthetic: A substance man-made by chemical synthesis and often imitating a natural substance so that you can't tell them apart chemically.
We want products that do what we want them to do with as little risk, perceived or real, as possible, and we choose our raw materials carefully with this in mind. We take into account their original source, the level and type of processing, level of standardization, if any, and what they can bring to the party. Sometimes that means we use an ingredient with a higher level of processing, yet would still be considered plant based. Sometimes an ingredient might be fully synthetic. We do not believe there is anything inherently evil about synthetics or processing and refinement of certain ingredients, nor do we hold emulsifiers, preservatives, surfactants and other additives and actives hostage to the notion of 'toxic'. Safety is paramount, and in the case of preservation, a safe product is properly preserved and some of the newer preservatives just don't have the same track record for use in every type of formula. Unfortunately, today's climate in skincare has the consumer looking at certain ingredients with suspicion and aversion. As formulators in control of the entire process, we can choose every ingredient that goes into our products. We can avoid those ingredients that are perceived as less than desirable from a consumer's perspective - if we choose to. For some products, there are great alternatives that do work and don't substantially change the feel and performance so that you'd notice. Or, if you did notice, it is not enough to change your mind about using and buying again. But where there is any question, especially with preservatives and safety, we will use the proven, tried and true ingredients. We also won't "greenwash" our line for the sake of marketing, where ingredients are chosen and used at ridiculously low and ineffective levels purely for the label appeal. If we use an ingredient, it's there for a reason and at actual, useful levels. There are some cases where there are no good alternatives to a publicly maligned ingredient. Silicone is a good example. Some ingredients come close, but don't really perform as well or have the same skin feel that most people love in a product (and often don't realize that is why they love it). However, science is always looking ahead and new and alternative ingredients are coming on the market all the time. The upshot here is what you get with Unfussed are beautiful, honest and safely preserved products using our natural world as the palette to create modern, effective skincare. You want products that work, and so do we.

Is sustainability important to you?

Raw ingredient sustainability, in theory, encompasses:

  1. rising customer demand
  2. organic and sustainable production methods of plant-based materials
  3. biodiversity
  4. ethical partnerships
  5. reduced carbon footprint.
On the larger scale, the challenges are many for the cosmetic industry: finding suitable community partners, providing education and developing contractual terms & pricing, fostering loyalty and maintaining quality & consistency of all raw materials.
In practice, especially for small, boutique lines and cosmetic companies, meeting all these elements is difficult, primarily, due to cost and ability to reliably source considering the smaller quantities used at any one time.
We are committed to doing everything we can right now to source and use ingredients that are based on the above sustainability ethos and practices through third party suppliers. It is our hope that as we grow we will be able to increase our partnerships with suppliers and local communities that provide us our raw ingredients in a more meaningful way. Container packaging and shipping materials: We look for products that have specific attributes that make them environmentally friendly. This would include:
  • recycled content and decreased carbon footprint
  • renewable energy manufacture
  • increased PCR content
  • biodegradable containers and paperboard
  • sustainable printing
  • waste reduction
Again, cost is a huge factor for a small company like ours being able to offer environmentally sound packaging across the board. All of these are the things we look at as we try to meet our sustainability goals now and in the future. As much as possible, we source new eco-friendly packaging like: recycled and recyclable glass, post industrial resin (PIR) polypropylene plastic, compostable cello packaging and sugar cane labels, bamboo, wood hemp, cotton and fiber accessories. We also reuse materials from our supply orders to minimize waste.

What about animal testing?

To the best of our knowledge, we source our raw material ingredients from suppliers and manufacturers who are not actively involved in the use of animals for testing. We do not partner with companies who support or are involved in animal testing.
We do not make or sell any products that are considered by the FDA to be Over-The-Counter products, such as anti-acne, anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff, anti-perspirant, skin whiteners, or sun protection products. Therefore, we do not have to prove their safety on the basis of animal studies and clinical trials.

Do you have a comany mission and motto?

My mission and promise to you:

  • Provide body and beauty products that address your most common skin care concerns
  • Positively impact emotional well being by crafting beautiful, effective and uplifting products that you want to use in your daily routine
  • Promote local businesses by supporting, networking and partnering with fellow artisans and small business owners
  • Participate in reducing our carbon footprint and promoting & practicing sustainability in every aspect of our business, reaching for a goal of 100%
  • Prepare simple, effective and affordable products that deliver the benefits of our natural earth balanced with innovative scientific advances in cosmetic chemistry
  • Refrain from all greenwashing and fear based marketing
I will do my level best to craft or curate honest and useful products for you. We all want to love the skin we live with every day.

How do you determine shipping charges?

I have opened up a few rate options. You can choose First Class Mail or Priority Mail, and forlocals, In Person Pick Up. First Class Mail (up to 15 oz) will arrive in a plain padded envelope or box and does not include insurance. It might include tracking. It takes between 2 and 7 days to arrive. This is the cheapest, slowest, less secure option. Priority Mail (up to 70 lbs) will arrive in a padded envelope or box, will be clearly labeled 'priority mail', and does include insurance and tracking. This is the fastest, most secure option. Shipping is currently set to calculate based on total weight and destination zip code via USPS currently active rates. This should calculate correctly for most orders. The shipping charges will appear on your cart prior to check out. If shipping seems too high or too low, before dumping your cart please email me at unfussed@gmail.com and I will sort it out. If the actual shipping rate ends up being lower than the calculated rate that you paid, I will refund the difference via the same method of payment within 24 hours. Basically, I set up product weights, designated box sizes, and let USPS figure it out. They are usually right. When they are not, I either eat the cost difference or refund any over-charge to you. 90% of the time, priority mail is a better option than first class mail for the number, size, weight and type of products that I sell and ship. The insurance that is automatic (up to $50) is helpful in protecting your order from extended periods traveling in excessive heat and cold. Priority mail also includes tracking, which is important for both of us.