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Fall In Love With Your Skin

Our natural pumice stone is perfect for use in your pedicare routine to slough off dead surface skin and remove callouses.

Pumice Stone - Mini

  • Pumice stones are made from porous volcanic rock hand-gathered from Mt. Shasta in California.

    Each stone is approximately  oz and will vary in shape and size.

    • Soak to soften skin
    • Wet the pumice stone, and using gentle pressure, massage callused skin in a circular motion to remove any roughness
    • Rinse often to remove dead skin from the stone
    • Follow with lotion, cream, or balm to maintain softness and lock in moisture
    • Avoid using pumice stone on inflamed or cracked skin
    • Allow pumice to dry completely between uses

    With the proper care, this pumice stone should last years.

    • To unclog residue buildup, submerse in hot soapy water, then gently scrub with a stiff brush, rinsing often
    • Note: pumice stones can fracture when dropped.

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