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Fall In Love With Your Skin

Created with fine oils, waxes, and soft creamy butters, our Lip Balms are all you need for daily lip care. We have quality lip balms, each with a hint of fresh flavor, to keep your lips lovely and nourished all year long!

Lip Balms in Tubes

  • Lemon Lip Balm glides on smooth while keeping your lips softer longer. Designed for daily use to protect as well as moisturize. 0.07 oz Slim tube.


    Kansas Sunflower (Spearmint) lip balm is a silky smooth moisturizing treat with all the goodness and shine of Sunflowers! Light spearmint flavor, stark white color. 0.15 oz lip balm tube.


    Pink Peppermint lip balm provides smooth lip-conditioning with a nice glide and a little tingle in a lovely translucent pink that does not color the lips. 0.15 oz lip balm tube.


    Shea & Hemp lip balm is smooth and moisturizing thanks to the wonderful Shea Nilotica Butter. The slightly waxier texture gives a bit more sheer protection. 0.15 oz lip balm tube. Note: Seasonal product. Cold weather months only.


    Grapefruit Coconut Baby Lips lip balm is our least waxy balm with a light and soft glide perfect for everyone. 0.15 oz tube. Note: Seasonal product. Fair to cold weather months only.

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