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Rinsable Oil Face Cleanser

A gentle, hydrating and emollient oil cleanser that leaves your skin comfortably clean, soft and feeling renewed. You will be delighted with the smooth and velvety palette ready for whatever you have in store - follow-up moisturizer, makeup or bare-faced beauty.

Rinsable Oil Face Cleanser

SKU: F1134B
  • Enjoy the skin conditioning benefits and ease of use of this completely rinsable oil-based cleanser that is suitable for daily use for most skin types.


    • Featuring Jojoba & Pumpkin Seed Oil, it nourishes as it cleanses, promoting soft, conditioned skin. Beautiful dark amber and very mild, natural nutty scent.


    You will find this cleanser easy to dispense, yet with enough body to hold in the cup of your hand long enough to apply to your face and neck. It has a soft, easy spreadability.


    Try adding an exfoliant like our Bamboo & Cranberry, Natural Clay Botanical Powder, or your own jojoba beads. To do this, mix small and roughly equal amounts of each in the palm of your hand or pre-mix in a separate container.

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